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Our mission: to provide compassionate care and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses and end-of-life conditions.

About Us

Hospice Care For Our Communities

Regional Hospice Services, a non-profit hospice program, began providing compassionate care to patients and families dealing with terminal diagnoses in 1992. The organization was founded with a vision from Lowell Miller, who was the CEO of the Memorial Medical Center in Ashland. Mr. Miller understood the challenges of starting a rural Hospice program and recognized the importance of the need for a collaborative effort to make Hospice care in our communities a reality. The Board of Directors continues to stand by the belief that all who are eligible and wish to receive the services shall be provided end of life care regardless of their ability to pay.

The initial outreach to area hospitals resulted in a formal partnership to create Regional Hospice Services in 1991 between Memorial Medical Center in Ashland, Hayward Area Memorial Hospital and Grand View Hospital in Ironwood, Michigan. The service area expanded with the additional partnership of Spooner Health in 1998 followed by Burnett Medical Center in Grantsburg in 1999.

Regional Hospice’s program is fortunate to have the strong support of the local communities we serve. Providing care since 1992 in our local communities with local staff can at times mean that we are literally neighbors caring for neighbors. The delivery of hospice care in the rural setting can be a challenge but equally rewarding. The care team is committed to providing services wherever our patients call “home”, no matter how remote.

One of the biggest compliments we receive is a referral for our services from a family who has used our services previously. To be trusted with the care of a loved one is a great honor. While it is a difficult time for the family, they are familiar with our local staff and take comfort knowing what Regional Hospice program offers. Our goal is to ensure that our patients and their loved ones get the highest quality care we can provide.

Heart In Hand

About the Heart In Hand Sculpture

The piece was designed to capture the spirit of the work that is done in Hospice care. The heart and hands reflect the connection that takes place through the caregiving and support that is offered to those we have the privilege to serve.

The creativity of Sara’s work is unique as is every person’s journey towards end of life. This sculpture reminds us of those who have touched our lives and is in remembrance of those who are no longer with us as they have left a mark on each of us in Hospice who were a part of their journey.

This unique art piece was created by local artist Sara Balbin of Dragonfly Studios.


"Catch A Dream"

What is Catch a Dream? Regional Hospice is dedicated to helping people live their days with a purpose and a focus on what is most important to them.

The Regional Hospice Catch a Dream program is designed to do just that. Most patients can recall their last scan, test or clinic appointment in the course of their illness which can take away from the focus of making the most of the time they do have. The Catch A Dream program helps patients to make positive memories and capture the joy in living. This can mean a special dinner with family and friends, an anniversary celebration, a fishing trip or even a train ride. It is meant to be a special way to create time and space for celebration and joy in our patients’ final months.

Four Gifts to Give a Dying Loved One


Express your thanks for all your loved one has taught you, given you and shown you. Let them know how grateful you are for their existence.


Let your loved one know that you love them and what that love means and has meant in your life.


Ask for and grant forgiveness for any hurts or harm.


Let your loved one know that they can leave. Assure your loved one that you will be OK. Say goodbye.

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