Regional Hospice Welcomes New Board Member

Regional Hospice Services (RHS) is pleased to announce that Dr. Nina Gilberg will serve on our Board of Directors as a representative for the Hayward community.  She joins Luke Bierl, CEO of Hayward Area Memorial Hospital, in representing the Hayward community.

Dr. Gilberg first became involved with RHS in 1992, when the organization was founded to provide local hospice care, giving patients the ability to receive services at home.  Dr. Gilberg shared, “I was asked to be the community liaison physician for Hayward to field concerns, improve communication, and review individual patient issues.  Hopefully, I offered some practical advice for the hospice team.  This was very gratifying for me – bringing dignity and giving expert, compassionate care to people with a terminal illness while supporting their families and friends.”

Fast forward to 2023, Dr. Gilberg said, “I am honored and pleased to join RHS Board of Directors.  It feels full circle, just in a different role.  RHS has been a leader in expert hospice care for our communities.  Excellent patient care has always been the first concern.  A small group of people had a big idea many years ago, and their idea has become a strong hospice program that makes a difference in the lives of all the people served.  How would I not want to be associated with the organization again.”

RHS Executive Director Lynda Anderson shared what an honor it is to welcome Dr. Gilberg back to Regional Hospice, stating “Her history with our program, unique perspective as a physician and long career in our local medical community are invaluable.”

When asked about her new role, Dr. Gilberg responded, “I hope that as a physician, and one who has made referrals to and relied on the expertise of Regional Hospice many times in the past, that I can provide some useful perspectives.  I am looking forward to what lies ahead for Regional Hospice.”

Welcome back, Dr. Gilberg!

How to make a referral

Patients may be referred for Hospice Care or Palliative Care by their primary physician, family members, friends, clergy, or other health care professionals.